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1st BSP RIC 7000 in Australia

RIC is a techniqueRIC7000_web allied to Dynamic Compaction that can be used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled Impact.

RIC units can be supplied with drop-weights of 5, 7, 9, 12 and 16 tonnes. Depending on the size of machine used, the soil type and moisture content, the treatment is effective in the top layers typically up to 6m in depth. Up to 10m has been achieved in certain conditions. The drop-weight is dropped onto a special foot assembly 40-60 times a minute. The foot remains in contact with the ground at all times making RIC a safe controlled compaction technique with particular emphases in creating a safe working environment.

Entracon is a multidisciplined civil construction company specialising in earthworks and remediation projects, civil structures and mechanical construction with a reputation for delivering high quality, on-time, on budget projects.

In early 2014 Entracon were awarded the Jack Madigan Reserve Rehabilitation Project, which required deep compaction of existing fill / waste at a Reserve to improve public safety. After considering several options Entracon decided to purchase a new BSP RIC 7000 from ThyssenKrupp Steelcom to be fitted to a late model Komatsu PC450 excavator.

The BSP RIC 7000 was manufactured in the UK with a boom to suit the customers 45 tonne Komatsu excavator – all parts including the 13 tonne hammer and guide, 3 tonne foot assembly and 4 tonne boom assembly, control panel, data logger, hydraulic control manifold and boom sensors were shipped to Melbourne in a 40 foot container.

A BSP Service Technician from the UK with the assistance of two ThyssenKrupp Steelcom apprentice plant mechanics assembled the RIC 7000 on the carrier in 4 working days at the Entracon workshop.

The Compaction Rig was then commissioned and training provided for Entracon supervisors, operators and service personnel at an available land fill operation over 2 days.

Sam Spicer – Operations Manager at Entracon said –“this new RIC from BSP gives us a reliable Compaction Rig that will be available to work throughout Australia and New Zealand on deep compaction projects such as land reclamation, crane platforms, land rehabilitation, piling platforms, container terminals, building sites and car parks”.

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