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We, at thyssenkrupp Infrastructure, recognize that our environment is our responsibility.  As such, we are committed to responsible business practices and environmental sustainability.

Steel is long lasting and environmentally friendly and is also the most recycled material in the world.

The steel sheet pilings and other steel materials distributed by ThyssenKrupp Steelcom are the highest quality, ensuring long lifespan and excellent reusability to reduce the need for new production and wastage.

All of the machinery sold and leased by thyssenkrupp Infrastructure adheres to the clean burning guidelines to reduce carbon emissions.

Some facts about our products:

  • Steel is 100% recyclable
  • Our steel sheet piles can be reused
  • Under the right environmental conditions steel pilings used in infrastructure will last over a century
  • Sheet piles and structural sections manufactured in accordance with ISO14001:2004
  • High strength hot rolled structural sections and sheet piles manufactured from 100% recycled scrap steel
  • Vinyl sheet piles are manufactured from 92% recycled material
  • Provision of Green Star points contributing to higher Green Star rating
  • Our processes are compliant with the ISO 9001