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Our Quality Standards

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure is deeply committed to delivering the highest quality of equipment and machinery for steel piling projects in a timely, safe and reliable manner.

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure is proud to have received the ISO:9001 certification for its high quality standards.

Our employees are specialists with a high degree of process know-how. In conjunction with our state-of-the-art production processes and equipment, they are the prerequisites for implementing our quality standards.


1. Excellent customer focus with a high economic efficiency – this is our top priority

It is our customers who decide on the success of our products and services and consequently on the future of our company. Customer focus and customer satisfaction is our commitment.

2. Innovation and continuous improvement – the basis of our daily work with our products, services and processes

A constant improvement of all business processes enables us to provide our customers with excellent quality in terms of function, price and performance.

3. Qualification and loyalty – Our employees are essential for implementing our quality standards

Each individual employee in our company with his participation ensures the implementation of our quality goals. Therefore, we rely on a qualified, experienced and motivated workforce acting independently and responsibly.

Trust, reliability, social skills and the willingness to engage in constant learning are integral elements of any quality-conscious approach.

We promote quality awareness through continuous personnel development measures, the principle of equal opportunities and attractive social programs.

4. Fair dealings with business partners – Raising potentials through cooperation

Cooperation in a spirit of partnership is beneficial for all partners involved and determines our actions. In this context, we expect our partners to act in the same spirit.  We respect cultural differences and specific national characteristics and maintain a culture of open and honest communication.

5. Social commitment – We combine our dealings with the awareness of social responsibility

Our quality concept is traditionally consistent with the principle of sustainability. We are aware of our integration in society and environment at our various locations and within the delivery chain.

Our production and service landscape includes the responsible treatment of resources and takes into account the possible impact on man and nature.