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1st BSP RIC 7000 in Australia


RIC is a technique allied to Dynamic Compaction that can be used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled Impact. RIC units can be supplied with drop-weights of 5, 7, 9, 12 and 16 tonnes. Depending on the size of machine used, the soil type and moisture content, the treatment is effective in […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Port of Brisbane

Crane Suspended Vibros - Port of Brisbane

Port of Brisbane Queensland Wharf Project ThyssenKrupp Steelcom is pleased to supply Smithbridge Australia the BSP 14t HH1146 hydraulic impact hammer. Port of Brisbane engaged Smithbridge who are specialist in the design and building of bridge and marine structures among others, in their Brisbane wharf project. The scope of work in this contract included driving […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Perth Arena

Crane Suspended Vibros - Perth Arena

Perth Arena Wellington St. Perth WA Piletech Australia has used Steelcom’s BSP SL20da Hammer in the $335M Perth Arena project. The BSP SL20da, a 1.5 tone double acting hydraulic hammer is designed to drive single sheet piles and small bearing piles of concrete, steel and timber with a maximum impact weight of 1, Supplied with […]


1st permanent piles installed at Bridge street Bridge


Bridge Street – South New Brighton – bridge repairs Christchurch Fulton Hogan has constructed an impressive array of bridges and structures as a result of the Christchurch rebuilt. Fulton Hogan were selected by SCIRT to undertake the complicated upgrade of the Bridge street Bridge Christchurch. Fulton Hogan is currently working on the rebuild project to the […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Australian Marine Complex

Crane Suspended Vibros - Australian Marine Complex

Australian Marine Complex Jervoise Bay Western Australia Wharf Construction The Western Australian and Federal Governments funded construction of the Fabrication Precinct at the Australian Marine Complex. The fabrication precinct now allows Western Australia to service the global trend for modular fabrication, assembly and load-out of pre-assembled units required by the oil & gas, marine and […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Dalrymple Bay

Crane Suspended Vibros - Dalrymple Bay

Dalrymple Bay Mackay, Queensland Wharf Extension Dalrymple Bay is part of one of the largest coal exporting facilities in the world. The facility had throughput capacity of more than 44 million tonnes per year, however demand for greater productivity lead to the Stage 6 expansion project that has increased capacity to approximately 53 million tonnes […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Queensland Plant Upgrade PTC 30H1 Hydraulic vibrators most widely used equipment for driving and extracting sheet piles, casings and profiles with excellent performance and precision. John Holland Water, in conjunction with new alliance partner Moreton Bay Regional Council, is delivering the augmentation and upgrade of the Murrumba Downs Wastewater Treatment Plant that will […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Harbour City Development

Crane Suspended Vibros - Harbour City Development

Harbour City Development Curtain Brothers Port Moresby, PNG New berths on land reclaimed from the sea Instead of dropping a heavy weight from a great height only once or twice a minute, the BSP rapid impact compactor (RIC) drops a lighter weight from a relatively low height at a rate of 40 to 60 times […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Dampier

Crane Suspended Vibros - Dampier

Marine & Civil Pluto Materials Handling Facility Dampier WA Delmag D36-32 Diesel Pile Hammer. DELMAG diesel pile hammers are single acting free fall hammers utilizing the principle of impact atomization. Marine and Civil, specialists in the design & construct of marine related civil engineering and driven piled foundations required a suitable diesel hammer ranging from […]


Impact Hammers Job Report – Houghton Highway

Crane Suspended Vibros - Houghton Highway Duplication Project

Houghton Highway Duplication Project Hull/Albem Brighton, Queensland BSP Hammer CG180 12 tonne suitable for driving: Steel tubular bearing piles Steel ‘H’ piles Reinforced concrete RIC piles Cast in situ CIS piles The Houghton Highway project involves construction of a new 2.7km bridge between Brisbane and Redcliffe. The new bridge will be located 35 m east […]