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Product overview

KRUPP drilling drives – decades of experience in development and manufacturing.

We cooperate globally with all of the leading hammer drill manufacturers. This ensures that KRUPP drilling drives can easily be set up on all standard carrier equipment.

A state-of-the-art product for almost any conceivable drilling task.


Hammer drills for foundation construction applications

In each weight category, the structural design provides for maximal drilling progress (striking mechanisms with frequency adjustment; switchable rotation mechanisms; rebound mechanisms).

Hammer drills for various fields of application

The utilisation of additional planetary gears and variable striking mechanisms that can be switched on or off enable diverse methods of application.

Rotation mechanisms

Robust design and a modular structure provide for durability and diverse areas of application.

Double head drilling systems for foundation construction applications

The typical advantages of using a double head drilling unit add to the extensive possibilities for combining powerful KRUPP drilling drives.

Double head drilling systems for geothermal drilling

Output and environmental protection are the number one priority in selecting KRUPP drilling drives and the right drill attachments.

Double head drilling systems -compact-

Short construction lengths allow drill rods to be used to their maximal length – without compromising the drilling capacity.


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