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Concrete Pile Breakers

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure hire and sell the innovative concrete pile breakers for square, round and octagonal piles. Pile breakers dramatically increase productivity and safety when compared to conventional jack-hammer breaking.

The units are easy to attach to an on-site excavator, crane or our power pack and do not require special skills to operate. The breaking process leaves the reinforcement intact.

Please contact our expert staff at 1300 764 164 or by e-mail, to receive more information on how our pile breakers can cut costs and improve efficiency on your civil engineering projects.

Concrete Pile Breakers for Round Piles

A circular pile breaker (left) is seen breaking 300mm and 600mm diameter piles on the Cairns Esplanade Redevelopment.

The circular units are highly modular and easy to adjust to each pile diameter on-site.

The pile breakers of type 314 and type 380 are highly modular systems that are easy to adjust to each pile diameter at site.

The breaking will leave reinforcement intact and guarantees no cracks below the cut off level.

The breaking process is many times faster than the conventional breaking and is fully controlled throughout its operation.
Handling and maintenance of the pile breakers is very easy and doesn’t require special skills.

To adjust the pile breakers accurately to the pile features, “half-links” are available for both types. Because the “half-links” are without hydraulic cylinders, they can easily be added to or removed from the pile breakers.

Concrete Pile Breakers for Round Piles
Pile diameter in mm 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1250 1500 1800
Required number of links Type 314 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Required number of links Type 380 9 10 11 11 13 15 18

Square Concrete Pile Breakers

Square Concrete Pile Breaker

Concrete Pile Breakers for Square Piles

A square pile breaker is seen here (below left) breaking 300mm piles in Botany, Sydney. This pile trimming equipment is increasing productivity and safety by moving from jack-hammer breaking to the new hydraulic units.

Some advantages of the pile breakers:

Diagram of a concrete pile breaker for square piles

Square Pile Breaker Diagram

  • Easy to operate. speed up to 200 piles in a 8 hour shift
  • Little digging due to small dimensions
  • Very reliable machine built on an innovative concept that will last through the next 24 years
  • Wear parts very durable and no special skills required for maintenance
  • Low machine weight, easy to connect to small excavator
Concrete Pile Breakers for Square Piles
Model Dimensions (mm) Technical specifications
A B C Pile range (mm) Number of
Cut off level
Max. pressure
Type 2.5 1000 260 285 140-250 4 50 12 300 510 7 tonne
Type 3 1060 320 315 180-320 4 65 12 300 560 7 tonne
Type 3.5 1105 360 310 250-350 4 65 12 300 560 7 tonne
Type 4 1330 410 415 300-400 4 85 32 300 660 12 tonne
Type 5 1550 500 345 350-500 8 65 24 300 745 12 tonne

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