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ABI MobilRam

The ABI Mobilram can be supplied with piling, extracting and augering attachments and has a usable pile length of 14 metres. Mounted on its own carrier, the Mobilram is a self propelled unit delivered to site on a low loader. The unit is quick to set up and all attachments are connected and disconnected quickly and safely via a rapid changing device. The Mobilram improves piling efficiency by enabling downward pressure to be applied to the vibro hammer (crowds the hammer) it also allows the operator to align sheet pile, which provides for better driving. A drill can also be attached to the unit to allow for pre drilling in harder soils. The Mobilram is easy to operate and will reduce an operating crew down to 2.

Telescopic Leader Masts

Piling rig ABI TM11/14 SL with 17VV hammer and drill

ABI TM 11 14 007The ABI MOBILRAM TM 11/14 SL is suitable for piling and drilling jobs, typically applied in urban developments.


ABI MOBILRAM-System TM 11/14 SL catalogue


Telescopic Leader Mast TM 13/16

Our “bread and butter” unit – the TM13/16, evolving from the TM12/15, tested on countless sites and is the most sold.

 Fixed Leader Masts

Fixed Leader Mast SM 14/18 HD

SM1418HD_1009-81ed64b6Medium-sized fixed leader mast, mounted on the carrier SR 35 T. Due to the HD-kinematics, the fixed leader mast SM 14/18 HD is a sturdy high performance machine. It offers high torque absorption and is particularly suitable for drilling procedures like VDW drilling.




Fixed Leader Mast SM 18/22 HD


The fixed leader mast SM 18/22 HD is designed in particular for double auger drilling and soil mixing application for single, twin and triple mixing systems. It is self-evident that the fixed leader mast is suited also optimally for piling and pressing.   Contact us at 02 8448 3555 or e-mail us to find out more and to receive quotes.