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Banut Piling Rigs

BANUT piling rigs are based on over 30 years of construction and application experience.

Design features, like the protected mounted winches in the carrier, the extendable counterweights, light construction of the mast and high torsional stiffness, have proven their effectiveness in construction projects.

Fixed Leader Mast

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe BANUT fixed leader mast is designed for impacting primarily pre-fabricated concrete piles but also pipes, beams, sheet piles and wood piles.

Besides impact hammers, vibrators and auger drives, Hydro-Press-Systems can also be applied.

BANUT fixed leader masts are renowned for high strength and stability, so that with impacting procedures, inclinations up to 18° laterally and forward, and 45° in the back can be driven.

In addition, BANUT fixed leader masts are characterised by a large usable length with compact transportation dimensions.

Fixed Leader Mast BANUT 555

The BANUT 555 is our new development. It is a light, compact and versatile applicable machine.

Fixed Leader Mast BANUT 655

The BANUT 655 is the largest machine of the BANUT series at present. High strength and stability make lateral inclinations possible up to 18° and in the back.