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Delmag Drilling Rigs

RH18_Schaubeck_0812_07Since the mid 1960s DELMAG has been producing and developing drilling rigs for the installation of shoring and foundation piles.

A great deal of attention has been paid to an optimal performance with greatest possible reliability and long-life cycle. The existing models are continuously developed and adapted to frequently changing requirements.

The current drilling rigs of the RH design are characterised by high performance with relatively small weight and compact transport dimensions. The parallelogram kinematics allow for short set up times with a high flexibility.

Due to the rugged design, a maximum level of stability is reached.

Further characteristics are:

  • the use of special carriers with telescopic under carriages,
  • the use of a reversable winch for the crowd function,
  • optimized working cycles through the modern hydraulic and electronic control system,
  • perfect positioning of the winches at the leader mast to reduce wear on the cables during the drilling procedure.

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