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Vibro Hammers

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure hire and sell some of the world’s finest vibratory hammers ranging from excavator mounted to crane suspended models as well as pile driving rigs. Our highly experienced sales and maintenance team will help you select appropriate equipment and support you throughout your job.

Excavator mounted hammers combine high frequency vibration and excavator- crowd/retract forces to deliver impressive driving and extracting capabilities.

Low design height results in little usable length being lost making the excavator mounted models particularly useful in low headroom sites for example under bridges or power lines. EMVs are installed onto the dipper stick and driven by the excavator’s hydraulic system.

Our Vibro Hammers

Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers

Excavator Mounted Vibro Hammers

Muller Excavator-mounted vibrators are fitted to the excavator stick by means of a connecting attachment. We offer attachments matched to your excavator. A rotary joint allows easy alignment of the vibrator with the piling. The high-strength rotary joint allows additional forces to be applied from the excavator to the vibrator, boosting driving performance.

Crane suspended vibratory drivers

Crane suspended vibratory drivers

MÜLLER vibrators with resonance-free starting and-infinitely variable amplitude as well as “two-in-one”-vibrators with stepwise variable eccentric moment and frequency offer advantages in that they can be adapted to suit different working conditions.

Thyssenkrupp Piling Equipment in Action