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Vinyl Sheet Piling

Vinyl Sheet Piling What is Vinyl Sheet Piling?

Vinyl sheet piling is made of hard polyvinyl chloride modified with processing facilitation agents, impact strength modifiers, thermal and UV stabilizers, as well as mineral fillers.

The piling is made in the extrusion process as monolithic profiles or in a co-extrusion process with the core made of recycled construction PVC coated with the layer of an original plastic.

As a standard, our vinyl sheet piling comes in the olive colour. Other colours are available upon request.

How to Install Vinyl Sheet Piling?

Installation of vinyl sheet piling requires specialized equipment and should be carried out by qualified personnel from specialized civil engineering companies, according to the design and manufacturer’s installation manual.

The manufacturer will not be liable for defects caused by incorrect application or installation of the product.

To receive a free consultation on vinyl sheet piling solutions for your civil engineering project, please call us at (02) 8448 3555 or e-mail us,

Installation Methods for Vinyl Sheet Piles

1) Driving

Driving is the most frequently used method for installing vinyl sheet piles.

Driving involves the mechanical pressing of the piling into the soil with vibration hammers, along previously installed templates.

Light equipment with limited impact force is used in order to protect the piling against damage.

Type of used equipment depends on the type of soil, driving depth and piling strength.

2) Jetting 

Jetting is a method used to install the sheet piling in cohesive or very compact soils.

Under some conditions, the force of vibration hammers is not enough to achieve the required depth.

The reason may be that there are obstacles in the soil or that the soil itself is too hard.

The jetting technology involves creating pressure under the sheet piling foot to loosen and remove the soil under it.

Air or water ejectors with high – or love pressure water pumps are used to loosen the soil.

3) Digging 

Digging is a method used during construction of a piling wall with limited depth, often in stony soils where the driving and jetting technology are not feasible.

The sheet piling is installed in an excavated ditch which is then filled with sand.

The sand bedding should be mechanically or chemically compacted.

Advantages of Vinyl Sheet Piling

  • Lightweight and easy to install with standard tools
  • Sheet piling is resistant to biological corrosion, rust, cracking, scratching, abrasion, seawater, damaging UV radiation
  • Exceptional durability, very good mechanical and strength parameters
  • Eco-friendly solutions: The product is made of recycled construction PVC and can be reused.
  • Connections are made along the sides, far from the highest load areas
  • Connections are virtually invisible, which guarantees a plain, attractive design
  • Unique, flat-surface design facilitates installation of our piles as compared to those of other types
  • Designed for easy forming of internal and external curves along the natural banks of water bodies

To receive a free consultation on vinyl sheet piling solutions for your civil engineering project, please call us at (02) 8448 3555 or e-mail us,