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Double Side Rail System Linear Shoring

Double Side Rail System Linear ShoringLinear shoring – no comparison

With Linear shoring the soil outside the trench remains untouched – no adverse effects on buildings and traffic flow. Instead of permanently positioned hinged spreaders, the non-bending roller units of the linear shoring system hold the supports and thus keep the shoring panels in the trench apart. This way, the trench width remains completely uniform throughout all stages of the project. With the optional E+S U boogie car, even larger vertical pipe clearances can be achieved.

Vertically mobile, horizontally adjustable.

The boogie cars mounted in the supports of the shoring system can be adjusted in height to match the increasing depth of the trench. The width of the roller frame is adapted by the spreader system to the desired trench width. Linear shoring is suitable for cast-in-place concrete and can thus be flexibly used in all construction projects.






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