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Krings KS100 – Versatile Steel Trench Box

Krings KS 100The KS 100 is a versatile trench box for a wide range of shoring tasks.

It is the world’s most frequently used trench box. Its uncomplicated use in countless variations in terms of trench width, assignment depth, lengths available on site and conventional vertical pipe clearances (up to 1.56 m) make all settings possible within the quoted maximum sizes.

Its most cost-effective use is in trenches up to about 6 m deep.

The struts are compatible with the struts of the KS 60 boxes.

As on all KRINGS trench boxes, working with this edge-supported compact element in practical sizes is very straightforward, inexpensive, safe and reliable.

No disturbance to the environment is caused by driving or vibration. The boxes can be installed by placement in the ready excavated trench or by lowering with concurrent excavation.







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