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Magnum Boxes – Wide Trench Box

Magnum BoxesCompact But Fits Large Pipe Dimensions

The boxes of the Medium and Magnum class have captured a leading position in the market for efficiently laying unusually wide or long pipes.

What distinguishes these Magnum boxes is their outstanding performance features such as shoring depth up to 6.00 m and trench width of over 4.70 m, with a vertical pipe clearance of up to 2.46 m.


Extreme Culvert Heights, Extreme Culvert Lengths

Thanks of the huge range of models in the Medium and Magnum class, E+S is in a position to offer trench boxes for completely different purposes, and with specific design features and performance parameters.

If the size of pipe diameter is the crucial factor, trench boxes are called for with a large clearance between the bottom strut and the bottom edge of the box panels, for pipes up to 2.50 m diameter.

In cases where it is not so much the height as the extreme pipe culvert length which is important, the externally supported Magnum-Boxes with large clearance between the struts are the ideal choice, for pipes up to 6 m long.

However different the shoring system may be in size, all the boxes of the compact class – from the Lightweight through to the Medium-Box – use one and the same strut system.







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